Not Like Myself

Bob Jr & the Martini Gardeners

Adult Alternative Rock / Jam Band, an eclectic mix of musicians that span generations and experience. Each member brings their own style to the performance, shakes it together to create a lively, fun and tight sound.

The Martini Gardeners are what would happen if Jerry Garcia, David Bowie, Joss Stone, Ani DiFranco and Gene Krupa met at a party and decided to jam. Bob Jr & the Martini Gardeners mix thought provoking lyrics, a laid back groove and prominent emotion with the attitude of creating the music for everyone involved. They're a mix of people with different style and background that got together to create and experiment with music. With their versatility they can be heard in concert halls, at outdoor festivals as well as private house concerts and unplugged in coffee houses and martini bars world wide.

Bob Jr & the Martini Gardeners are based out of the seacoast/lakes region of New Hampshire. They were brought together for the purpose of recording original music. Through the synergy created and the camaraderie through the music they have developed a unique live sound and versatile set list to fit any occasion and venue. Their mission is to create the fun atmosphere for the listener that they enjoy themselves while playing.

The Martini Gardners can best be described as a pick-up band that was meant to be. Bob met George Reagan while performing in the pit band for a musical and they had a few discussions of playing, recording and general thoughts on life. When it came time to record, George was the first contact made. Zach Smith came along shortly after the discussion with George. In the difficult search for a good bassist in NH, an ad was placed at UNH and Zach answered the call. The first practice session took place and it seemed like the three have played together before. Through these first few sessions, the songs began to change shape and mature. It was during these inspirations that Bob wanted to add the female vocals as he has had in past projects. Another ad was placed and after some interesting sounds and conversations, and almost giving up on the idea, Emily Caporello answered the call. Emily's experience in acapella singing and arranging and voice added yet another unexpected dimension to the songs. This is how the band came to be.

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