It has been a while… just about two years at this point as I was working on my personal challenge of 24 songs in 2014. So, here is the short story as I do not want to dwell too much on the past, but would rather look forward to some of the exciting things coming in the near future.


I had (and still have) a bit of a health battle going on. Something I can mange, but a lot of tests, scans, and med changes have left me with little to no energy to do anything aside form day to day tasks. Even those are hard to accomplish at times. The hardest part has not been able to play music, I think it may even have inhibited the healing process by losing this aspect of my life and not being able to get into the creative process. So, that’s where I have been…


Now that I am figuring out how to manage my health, it is time to rebuild my music. I have continued to refine some of the songs from my 2014 writing challenge as well as re-work a few other songs. Recently, I had a request to release my instrumental songs written and recorded as part of the RPM Challenge from 2011. I am excited to say that this official release is in the works and should be available any day now. This process has motivated me to re-think a project I was working on and refocus the next release or two (yes I did say two) within the near future. Stay tuned for all of these updates. 


I continue to work on my playing stamina, and hope to follow up with some live performances of my music in the coming year. I have learned that this is all a process at this point and appreciate the support I have been given along the way. 


Now back to the music…


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