This is probably something we shouldn't have to contemplate with only 11 days to go but I guess life still has to happen. So , here it is day 17 and a session had to be cancelled. We had a great session 2 days ago, tightened up what we've been working on and finished another song. Our focus this challenge is getting the songs written we'll spend the last week sleepless recording a half-ass quality demo that we hope to go in and re-record at some point in the future. We've had to deal with family issues, kid issues, "real job" issues, and, if you haven't noticed, the weather has really sucked here in NH. I wish snow days could be better spent rather than clearing snow. So, with stuck cars, stuck families, stuck "real jobs" and stuck kids we still somehow manage to get things done. Maybe all of the life issues give material to write about. (although we've stayed away from writing about snow, "real jobs" and kids so far) So go ahead life, get in the way, I'll just write about you for the rest of the world to know.

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