So, I haven't had time to keep updated on this blog as I have had to spend any spare time dealing with snow. Anyway, we had a good session on Tuesday. We're beginning to feel the effects of keeping up with this schedule but are aso acknowledging the work that is being done and the rewards it is giving us. Then again, we had to deal with the snow (will it ever stop?) I had a great plan to take the snow day and finish the ideas that are in my head and have them ready for Friday's session but shoveling ice and water took the priority. We have the songs we have been working on pretty tight at this point but I guess we need more of them. It seems we are coming down the stretch and need to sprint in to get things done. Now is the time to get out of the way of creativity, let life issues run their course and just keep working. I think I will take a long nap on March 1 around 2pm.

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