Those are the words written to lure us all in. Sure, in theory it's simple but so is everything else. In reality, it's quite the challenge. It's been a strange week. Life is taking it's toll on me personally. Getting it out in music is fun but then I am in this place of "hmmmm..... I like that now I want to add this or tweak that...." but there is just no way to do that in 8 more days. Hitting the panic button, I just stayed up last night and wrote song number 7. I think we'll make the 35 minutes with those. The other tunes rolling around in my head will need to be out by Sunday as that is officially recording session #1. Time to let go of perfectionism, dive into creativity and getting the job done. Oh yeah, I better go make a sacrifice to the technology gods too so we can make it to the end...

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