Where is the time going? Not too long ago I was thinking we had plenty of time to get things together. A schedule was made, a recording plan done, even backup plans for technology crashing, yet the month seems like its over already. Maybe we need some of the snow days we had last year to be trapped in our rooms and forced to write. What's the excuse? I really hate excuses, but now I hate having to write useless paperwork, mounds and mounds of paperwork and there is nothing in it that can be used in a song. (trust me, I looked hard in hopes it would ease the pain) I hear there is this place out there called "the real world". When did this start to exist, and why is it forcing itself upon me when I have more important things to do, like write and record and album in 28 days? I'd write about it but I already did a long time ago and that would be cheating to use that idea. I guess it's time to just say stop for a moment and get on with it. So, here we are, day 10 and 3 songs waiting for the finishing touches. Really not too bad but not anywhere near where I'm comfortable in seeing the end. Maybe it's a good sign to be freaking out about the deadline now. 18 days is really quite a bit of time when you think about it. So it's time to let go of the "real world" and do something that is mch more healthy, like stay up late and write music. Cheers!

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