As you can tell from the last blog, this is turning out to be a fun process. maybe it's the late nights/early mornings, maybe life is catching up to us (someone forget to mention that the rest of the world keeps happening) but I think the challenge is forcing progress at a much higher rate. We had a late session going last night/this morning. Again the hard part is I had to finish a gig before our work could be done. So yesterday was truely a musician day. Show at 10am, take care of day to day business, show at 7pm, back to the home studio for some serious song work. We were able to reinforce 2 of the songs we worked on Tuesday and changed groove and feel for the third. The main tune we worked on last night was a great accomplishment as it was the first full collaboration becoming a reality. The schedule isn't too bad though since you never know where inspiration is going to hit. As I was in warmups for my evening show I came up with a pretty soild idea for another song. Now I need some seclusion to get some lyrics together and polish things up. The addition of this idea puts us to 7 songs in the works. We still have 20 days to go:-)

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