This can also be titled "Technology Really Sucks" Anyway, the songs are written. We even got the full band together for the first time to put together the final touches and set up the recording sessions for the final week. What a crazy schedule it is going to be. It's difficult trying to fit the pieces together and still keep life going. So now for the really hard parts. The technology gods seem to be angry with me lately. I have recording software, even a computer that is supposed to be designed for the said recording software, yet none of it works. So, instead of being creative, I get to work on upgrades, updates and trying to figure out how in the hell to record all of this. To top it all off guess what is coming this week......... you got it, another snow storm. I guess potentially we can get snowed in and forced to record while we hope to keep power on, but then again, that would require the technology gods to work with us instead of against us. Ugh, guess that's why it's called a challenge. The next 4 days will be interesting to say the least. And on the 5th day we sleep (unless of course there is more snow to shovel)

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