So, I'll start by mentioning some of the cool aspects of this challenge. As I was getting some equipment together the other night I ran into a fellow musician. We chatted a bit about music, he showed me his studio, asked what we were up to and how we were going about it all. It's interesting how different musicians are all approaching what, how and why they are doing this challenge in order to get to the end result. It also blows my mind sometimes knowing that there are musicians all around at this moment working on what is ultimately the same project. Anyway, our project is holding steady so far. Christy came through with a song on the 23rd (nothing like the last possible moment) which was also our last chance to get drum and bass tracks down. We are now at 9 songs and will make the challenge provided we stay on schedule. Last night rhythm overdubs and my vocals were recorded. Things went well, just a few fixes need to be made then onto Christy's vocals. We're hoping to mix down tomorrow into Friday as the whole life schedule will throw things into a tizzy over the weekend. I connected with an old friend recently. She asked what I was up to and I told her about the challenge. Turns out she's a graphic design artist and is now working on our cover design for this project. Again, a cool thing about this challenge. So now our cover is being designed in Ireland while we deal with life and recording here in NH. 3 days 11 hours and 40 minutes to start letting go of things around us and concentrate on the music. Better get my errands run so this can happen......

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