Ok, so here it is, the story of recording session #1. I get a call from George (drummer) last night on his way home from a gig. His truck broke down. A bit of a set back but after some looking up of numbers he finally got towed and I was able to get him home. Problem is the drums are in the truck that broke down, but again, a small problem and that was solved. I got home, finished setting up the computer with some software I never used before yet it seemed to go fairly well and I set up the sessions for all of the songs we have so far, then packed everything to take to George's in the morning. Feeling pretty good and looking forward to 7 days of blissful music making, I sit down and write song number 8 for the CD. Then figured I should try and settle the mind and get some sleep. Got things together this morning, headed to George's and began transforming his basement into our temporary recording studio. Got everything set up and only forgot a few things that Christy was able to grab and bring over. Booted everything up and had absolutely no sound coming out. So three hours into this session we had nothing to show for it. The technology gods win round 1. Learning from last year, plan B was at hand and we were up and running. We got the first tune down in a few takes and went to the next. Did that in a few takes then went to the next. This is how it all should work. We ate some lunch, had a martini and got the next 2 songs down even quicker then decided that was enough for today as our 3 hour session was now 8 hours long. The moral of the story: The technology gods will fight, be prepared, have a martini and all will go well.

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