Ok, so keeping up with the blog and day to day life will be part of the challenge. Here are our other issues: Two weeks before the challenge begins, Christy goes in for surgery to have wisdom teeth removed. Normally not too big of a deal but hers were into the jaw bone which resulted in going under. As the tooth got pulled they were into her sinus cavity and did some damage to the soft tissue. So, no singing for her. Currently she is on a week to week standby on when.if she can sing. The next doctor appointent is Tuesday which also happens to be our practice day. Everyone has issues with the day job. Mine ended up being a switch of semesters which means I had to write 3 new classes and grade finals from the previous semester. So again, just a glitch for the day job, I hate when work cuts into playtime. Day job continued....... So the major part of one of my day jobs gets to be as a performer. Yes, I make my living in music:-) So I took on a show that opened Feb 1, same time as the challenge begins. It runs for 2 weeks. Sort of cuts back on the amount of time we have now. Then of course there is the whole life and family issues that get thrown in the mix and yes we do have quite the challenge ahead of us.

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