So, there is a practical way to begin then there is the aristic approach. I like the second although a good mix might be the best approach for this project. Contemplating 10 songs in 29 days is turning out to be the challenge. Then I remind myself that this is about jump starting the creative process and carrying it through for the rest of the year. I can accept the fact that some of the songs I write and record will turn out to be ones that are useable and I will like and the rest will be............ well, let's just say they will be the rest. Going for the artistic approach I decided to spend the first day of February connecting with my muse. It has to be about inspiration. We can worry about the small details of schedules and hurdles we need to get over or we can dive in an immerse ourselves into the passion of inspiration and creativity. To the non-artist it may seem like a complete waste of time but out of the time playing with my muse 2 songs have begun and the lasting effects continue the process. So sure, make the schedule, work the details but remember it is playing music and your muse may want some of that attention too. So far we have 1 complete song written 2 that need refined and 3 that have begun. Not a bad start in 4 days.

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