So, the technology gods were pretty upset with me the past few days. You can tell from the last entry that things weren't going well. I have a useless paper weight sitting in my studio from Sonica Computers. It's a specially built computer for audio recording that has not worked since it arrived. Sent back 3 times, replaced once, still useless. Went to the home computer, that died. (still need to figure that one out) Went to set up a laptop, but it had no firewire port to hook up the firewire interface.......... Ended up rigging a Tascam Portastudio to do the job. We were able to lay down the grooves of the tunes in a 4 hour session (and we drove through a storm and ate dinner too) Turned out pretty well but now the daunting task of overdubs and bouncing tracks and realizing why we use the expensive, useless computer sitting on the floor of the studio. Then, when all was bleak, Mom and Dad Chick singer pulled through with a working (that's right, 100% functional) computer. So we lost half a day moving files into the recording software but manged to easily do some of the rhythm guitar overdubs and get the rest of the sessions set up. What a crazy 2 days we have ahead of us. Thanks Mom and Dad, you're the best:-)

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