I'm not sure where to begin with the end of this project. It sure was a challenge right to the very end. We finally got a system that works to record. We had to let go of the typical musician perfectionism to get the recording done and settle for our demo quality. This was not a bad deal though as our main goal was the songs and to create. This definitely put me in a space I like to be creatively. I do have a bit of a let down as the pressure is now off to achieve the goal. Now I just hope we can keep creating and ride the momentum. Our last moments of the challenger really sum up the whole project for us. Mixdown from 8pm until 10am with a short nap. Out to dig out from yet another snowstorm. Drive through said snowstorm to the post office in case we don't make it to Portsmouth in time. Made it to the post office 1 minute before closing, got locked in the post office. Our satisfaction would not be realized until we handied the CD over in person. So.... through the snow storm once again for the journey to the main office. People were still there and we handed over the copy of the CD. So we made it. All of the late nights/early mornings. Driving under crazy conditions, keeping up with the day jobs and we have....... some songs on a couple of CDs we don't have copies of because we turned them into the RPM challenge. Guess i need to go make some copies. Thanks for the challenge Dave.

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