Those of you who have read the first blog entry will understand this one a little bit more. Those of you who have to work with with stressed out singers who haven't been able to sing for a few weeks will also relate well to this. Those of you who know me and my thoughts on various musicians as well as the members of my band will just crack up. Once I get things shifted from my portable recorder I will put the sound clip to this up here as well as you really need to hear this. Maybe this can be used as a track to the final CD of the project. The background of the story is this; since this is a recording based project we ran a recorder during practice last night. It's generally a good way to hear how things are going and not lose ideas. The following rant took place before practicing one of our old songs: "Are you recording this? We've never really gone through this.Why are you doing this? Ahhhhhhhh. you're soooo mean........... I hate you.... We've never even gone through this before.... maybe once like six weeks ago...." On the plus side, we solidified 3 songs and 3 more are in the works.

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