So, here we are halfway through the RPM Challenge and of course, what a challenge it is proving to be yet again. I recall last year complaining about the snow and now I find myself wondering where the storms of December are now as I could really use that time to catch up on things. This all seems to be a slow process this time around. There is quie a bit going on that keeps getting in the way. Even to the point where the towel was almost thrown in last week. All of this and we weren't to the halfway mark. So the real jobs and life in general continue to throw their hurdles in the way. I have yet to deal with technology as I'm a bit scared this time around. We've been spending way too much time out of our creative process this year, overall and especially in this challenge. Today was set aside to sit down and write. That's correct, a whole Sunday dedicated to sitting down surrounded by instruments, some paper and a pencil with a good eraser. Click on the portable recorder so I can have a record of the process and listen later. The result was finding a bit of direction in the songs written so far plus adding three more. We are now at six songs. Christy has one she is working on but hasn't shared yet (just think back to a revisit of last year's "chick singer's lament") So we possibly have seven songs now but one never knows. Tomorrow we spend President's day with the band putting it all together. This is the time to cut out the excuses. Who cares about the weather, the economy, real jobs, cars in need of repair, and groceries that need to be bought? (there's not much time for eating anyway) Who cares that there is a meeting to attend or a cold is creeping up on you? Just get over it and get back to RPM!

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