Journey Through the Dark Side

by Bob Jr & the Martini Gardeners

Released 2009
Released 2009
The song lyrics are a journey of stories. Some work together, one is about the creation of the album, and others are experiences of the writers. The band keeps their singer-songwriter/rock groove going for a catchy beat and memorable songs.
This is the third creation of Bob Jr & the Martini Gardeners, written and recorded as participants in the 2009 RPM Challenge. These songs take the listener on a lyrical journey of creating the project, love started and lost, a celebration of life stories, and finally a reflection of letting go.
The Martini Gardeners pull together a unique groove for each song and have a bit of a different instrumentation focus on some of the songs. Songwriter and leading member of the band states, "Sometimes we need to walk through some darkness in order to get to a brighter time. This album is about walking trough that dark side"
The Martini Gardeners has been described as a rag-tag group of musicians brought together by the love of music and the joy of the creative process. Each musician brings their voice to the songs to create the unique sound known as Bob Jr & the Martini Gardeners.

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