Here it is, the long awaited song #3. I figured I better get this posted as I play catch-up in my 24 song challenge. There are a few more songs in my notebook that need to make it to recording so I should be back on pace soon.


This song sort of reminds me of a different phase of Insomnia which I wrote in 2006. Maybe it is a followup to that song, or possibly a prequel. I think we all have that inner voice (or voices) that speak to us. Sometimes it’s the voice that warns us of dangers, sometimes the voice of reason, and sometimes the voice that tells us to go for it no matter what. This song is about those voices and how we sometimes ignore them, or just don’t understand them. The demo is a quick and dirty take of the idea. I hope to clean most of these up once I get all of the songs written. 


Stay tuned for more to come…

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