So… Song #6

I know, I know, this is the sprint to the end. I have been  busy writing a pulling together the songs, but I have really been slacking on posting everything. Somy new resolution for the month is to finish this challenge and post everything. This can be done in the next few weeks!

Anyway… onto the song. 

This is a rework of an old song which has been kicking around for a while. It seemed fitting to bring life to it at this point. I believe we al have our guardian looking over us. Sometimes we stray, or possibly our guardian strays and things get difficult. Save Me is really about this process and search. Sometimes we all need some sort of saving when we can’t figure out what it is we need, or possibly, what we want. I for one continually contemplate this on my own, and get lost in myself and my thoughts. Hence the chorus of the song:

Save me, oh save me, won’t you save me from myself

Save me, oh save me, can’t you hear me cryin’ to myself


There are more songs on paper so this challenge has not beat me. It is just now time to get them recorded and posted here. Stay tuned for the onslaught this month…

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