Have you ever set a goal with the determination that nothing would ever get in your way only to find that everything could get in your way? I find that this happens in day to day life as well as with larger goals as well. The difference between success and failure is how we handle these roadblocks and detours. 

We can come up with many excuses as we travel along toward a goal. Things do get in the way. I think there are steps to take to work around these blocks no matter what we do. Here are some of the ways I am handling roadblocks in my writing goals for this year: 

“Beach Waltz” is a working title for my second completed song of 2014. 

 This piece helped me dive into the process of creativity. I have been feeling a bit off pace for completing 24 songs this year, but really the process is about to explode...

Here it is, Song #1 of 24 in my 24 Songs in 2014 Challenge. 

 “One Song” is a song about a song really.  

I seem to have forgotten about the part of my challenge to keep the blog posts going on the challenge of writing 24 songs in 2014. I guess I have to say that one of the biggest challenges is to writethe songs and write the process about writing the songs. Time is sometime my worst enemy.

Just a short update on the progress of my 24 Songs in 2014 journey.

I have not been one to shy away from a challenge. When you go to the music pages, you will here songs written during the RPM Challenges. The challenge of RPM is to write and record an album’s worth of music during the month of February. I used these challenges to create new music and help jump start the year musically each year I worked on these projects. You can go back and read about the challenges and success of RPM in the past blogs. 

Almost two years since I made the track from New Hampshire to Florida, and I am just now catching up on a blog post. I have moved before in my career as a musician, and even spent time on the road, yet this move seems to be my slowest to get settled. 


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