I may have jinxed myself with the last blog post. Since it was a long time ago, go ahead and glance it over as this one is a good follow-up…


Ok, I ran into a roadblock and got a bit lost trying to find my way around this one. Aside from a few unpleasant personal journeys and ventures, my computer crashed. There always seems to be a technical meltdown at the least convenient time. (Is there really ever a good time for a technical meltdown) Instead of working toward my goal of 24 songs, I have had to re-install software, and search for and reload files. Part of these files were the new songs I have been working on. Here are a few things I have learned from this roadblock:


1. A backup drive is a really good idea.

2. Gobbler is a life saver. I highly recommend this service if you do a lot of large media files, it’s even great to share sessions for collaboration. If you join with the link here you will get free bonus space: https://www.gobbler.com/i/ACjbsXX

3. When you’re down, you will get  kicked some more, so hang on as sometimes it takes a bit longer to get back on track, and it may even hurt a bit.
4. Friends are awesome!
5. Adult beverages while loading software that takes 4 hours are awesome!
6. Friends who provide you with some adult beverages as you deal with the crap are the awesome-est!!
7. A backup drive is a really good idea.

I know there are more lessons here, but those will have to wait for the songs. 


Speaking of songs, I have not given up my challenge of 24 songs in 2014. I am a bit behind but know I can pick up the pace. I haven’t stopped writing, but the arranging and recording of demo tracks stalled a bit. I have also have joined up with a few great people/musicians and a band has morphed out of this collaboration. We have been working on a demo CD, and I know some gigs will soon follow. 


I have also learned that i need to take a bit of space for me. I am going to take a few days to myself. I have the next song just about ready to post, but in my need to put away the technology for a few days, I am going to wait until the beginning of the week to finish up that process and will post then. 


In the meantime, feel free to leave your lessons of overcoming roadblocks in the comments.

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