You never know when or where inspiration will hit you for a song. This one came out of one of those moments of listening to my surroundings then pushing through to turn it into a love song. I was at my favorite taco place for Taco Tuesday. It was a typical rainy late afternoon for Central Florida, and as I was waiting for my order to come someone came in and commented on how busy it was inside that day. The waitress, in reply said, “I guess nobody likes tacos in the rain”. A song title and idea was born right there. 


Have you ever felt like a situation has gotten a bit beyond you? Something like… a challenge deadline quickly approaching, and there is still work to do. 

This song isn’t about the looming deadlines and end of the year, but is yet another love song. Losing yourself to a situation and person and getting lost in the moment and relationship. Even though we want to move cautiously at times, it is often more rewarding to go with and be in the moment. 

Another meaning to the title for me is the loss of control while writing it. This one sort of drifted on its own and went not quite where I expected it to go musically. Part of the challenge for me this year was to turn out songs like this one to fully develop more in the coming year. This is just the beginning…

This song goes in the category of a re-work. It’s one I put together a while ago, but I just couldn’t get it to do what I wanted it to do overall. After cutting a section or two and pasting some of it elsewhere, it seems to be pulled together and usable. Also a bit of rewording to keep some of the double meanings of the lyrics.


I’m stuck now, in this emptiness. It’s crystal clear but you still can’t see

I’m messed up, I’m mixed up, in this muddled up world you created for me

Have you ever felt a lot of opposites happening to you at the same time? This world moves fast sometimes and it is hard to keep up. This is the theme of this song. (number 8 for those keeping track). Silence, being noisy, stillness moving away, and tranquility gliding into a storm is how this opens. Just when you think you have it figured out, the game changes and our world gets to be a bit muddled up. 

As I stated in my last post, the sprint to the finish is on!

This is definitely a love song. (although aren’t they all?). This one is a one-sided sort of love though. On the surface, this story is an old and familiar one. Sort of a pick-up story and a short fling. I challenge the listener to go a bit deeper in the chorus though and dispense the belief of a time line as this same story can take place over a longer period. 

  So… Song #6

I know, I know, this is the sprint to the end. I have been busy writing a pulling together the songs, but I have really been slacking on posting everything. Somy new resolution for the month is to finish this challenge and post everything. This can be done in the next few weeks!

Anyway… onto the song. 


We all daydream, we all have nightmares, and we all sort of go through different cycles at different times of life. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is watch someone else go through the darkest part of their cycles while you wonder where they are. 

This song asks the questions we all ask as we see someone else go away for a while (in a metaphysical sort of way). I guess we can even ask these questions to ourselves if we really don’t know where we go when we daydream. 

 So… here is song #5


Sometimes life is hard, but there is always sweetness around it. On the other hand, sometimes life is sweet, but you could get hurt enjoying the finest aspects. This song is about both of those things. 

Here it is, the long awaited song #3. I figured I better get this posted as I play catch-up in my 24 song challenge. There are a few more songs in my notebook that need to make it to recording so I should be back on pace soon.



I may have jinxed myself with the last blog post. Since it was a long time ago, go ahead and glance it over as this one is a good follow-up…


Ok, I ran into a roadblock and got a bit lost trying to find my way around this one. Aside from a few unpleasant personal journeys and ventures, my computer crashed. There always seems to be a technical meltdown at the least convenient time. (Is there really ever a good time for a technical meltdown) Instead of working toward my goal of 24 songs, I have had to re-install software, and search for and reload files. Part of these files were the new songs I have been working on. Here are a few things I have learned from this roadblock:


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